What Keeps Me Creative

Some of the best advice I received in college was inspiration does not strike, it is created.

I was having trouble coming up with ideas for my senior art show, and therefore I procrastinated until I thought of the ‘perfect’ idea. As my post suggests, the number of ideas I had was zero.

I explained this to my professor which is when he gave me that nugget of advice. You need to create stuff first before you will be inspired. Even if that first stuff is bad. Sometimes you have to make some bad stuff just to get the ball rolling.

He gave me an assignment to draw something 100 times in different ways. It sounded daunting, but I had nothing for my critique which was in 5 days. I picked a statue of the Buddha from my study abroad program which really spoke to me and spent all weekend drawing the same statue.

100 images of the Buddha on the wall was powerful and created a beautiful collage effect. Even though I drew it 100 times, they were all a little different, and I learned something with each iteration. I discovered which materials I liked and didn’t like, which mediums went well together, which colors really popped together. And I had tons of ideas for where I was going to take this idea next.

Young me at my senior art show 🙂 can you see the elephants in the paintings? lol

So in conclusion, the best inspiration is just getting started, and embracing the fact that some of it may be crappy. Sometimes you need to dig up some rocks before you find some gems 🙂