The Best Gift I Ever Received

In 7th grade, I received a Yellow Submarine sweatshirt and “Cat Lover’s Soup for the Soul”. It was the right amount of quirky and mainstream, and I loved it. The sweatshirt was worn well into high school, and Cat Lover’s Soup for the Soul sits prominently on my book shelf after surviving rounds of KonMari purging.

Have any of you read the 5 love languages? Though the title has the word love, it can apply to friends and family members too. My love languages is 100% gifts (not saying you have to get me any ;)) My first reaction was “I’m not materialistic!” But then I thought about the times I felt most loved, and it totally made sense. It’s not so much about the gift as it is the effort and thought put into choosing a gift. It shows they paid attention to all the little things you say and do, and they really GET you, and your interests, and who you are as a human being.

On the flip side, the gift I was most proud of picking out was for my brother’s high school girlfriend. I was a freshmen in high school at the time, so obviously the two best things I could think of for another deep, artsy soul like myself: the Twilight book and the Juno movie soundtrack. I was so proud, and a little jealous that she was getting such an AWESOME gift. My mom surprised me with the same gift a week later because she’s the best 🙂

Other great gifts I’ve received: tea and a homemade birthday cake, a cat card game, cat socks and a coloring book. My tastes have not changed much apparently =^.^=

What are some of the best gifts you received?