Just a bunch of photos of my foster cats

Aren’t they cute?? I started fostering 3 years ago after playing with my friend’s foster kitten- at that time I didn’t even know you could foster animals!

I was so excited to start fostering because it satiated my desire to have a cat while I was still on my AmeriCorps budget. It was the perfect solution and I’ve been doing it ever since ๐Ÿ™‚

Nerdy Horizons – Oldies and Goodies!

What a whimsical blog title!

I really do have two loves: cute and nerdy. A few of you may know of my other Etsy store where I sell RPG related items. Previously known as Gems and Scales, I did a complete rebrand, and it is now called Cutest Loot! (I couldn’t let that gem of a name fall by the wayside) more cute goodness but with an RPG twist. In the semi near future, I will offer skirts, yoga pants, and hopefully enamel pins!

My best selling mug. Are you sure? If the game master has to ask, then the answer is no.

There is a lot of overlap between Quest for Cute and Cutest Loot, and when they do overlap, I will be sure to post about Cutest Loot updates here ๐Ÿ™‚ think of it as Quest for Cute’s far nerdier twin.

As I also briefly mentioned, I am doing my first Kickstarter! This is one of those moments where there is overlap between my two stores: cute cats, nerdy theme.

If it is fully funded, I will create cute character class pins ๐Ÿ™‚ right now, I have pins designed for barbarians, rogues, and warlocks.

Enamel pins are durable, light, and small enough that you can bring them anyway. The options for self expression and flair are limitless (plus they are so darn cute). If you are interested, you can check it out here.

That’s it for now! If there’s anything you’d like to see in the future, be sure to let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

How to Design a Collection

Deidre, how do you come up with your designs?

Good question!

For my first collection, Galactic Confections, I thought of what would define me and my store. What is the thing I love most? Cats. The second most? My husband. Third? Unicorns.

Next, I doodled different versions. Outline or no outline? Winking or eyes open? Mouth or no mouth? I tried different things until I liked the end result, and asked my friends to vote on which style they preferred

Once I had the main elements down, I was looking for more cohesive drawings that would fit with the theme. What goes with unicorns? Space, clearly. So I drew stars and moons. What is as sweet as cats? Cupcakes, obviously. And once I drew the unicorns, I was like, why canโ€™t my cats have wings too? And boom, my caticorn was born.

I also thought very hard about the color scheme- I started with my favorite color teal, plunked it into a color generator, and kept clicking until it came up with a combination of colors I liked.

I typically draw more elements than I need. For galactic confections, I had ribbons, ribbons with wings, hearts with wings, hearts upon hearts, and even an evil caticorn (gasp!). I move the elements around and copy and paste until they fit into a nice little puzzle. During this process, I find that some of the things I drew donโ€™t fit (like evil caticorn) but thatโ€™s okay, because they may make an appearance further down the line, or they inspire new ideas and combinations.

What does your creative process look like?

What is my inspiration? You’ll never guess! =^.^=

This post is all about cats. Because I FREAKING LOVE CATS. And it’s very important to my origin story and inspiration for my business.

About 19 years ago, my grandma died. About 18 years and 10 months ago, my grandma took in a black kitten that was shivering by her garage. Grandma named her Cleo.

Cleo and I had an instant bond. She was affectionate, quiet, and nervous, not unlike the 8 year old me. She didn’t bite, and she let me hold her. She was totes my best friend. I begged to go to grandma’s house so I could eat Lucky Charms cereal (which she secretly kept stocked) and play with Cleo.

When grandma died, Cleo came to live with my family. By losing one best friend, I gained another.

Not all cats live forever, and Cleo died on New Year’s Eve as I hailed in 2012. Not the best way to start my year.

Fast forward to 2016. I graduated college, finished AmeriCorps, and was wondering how I could have a cat but also not pay for a cat (student loans lol) when one of my friends told me about fostering!

I have fostered two cats and six kittens since then. They’ve had eye infections, UTIs, URIs, and ear mites. My husband and I nursed them all back to health!

So end of story, I LOVE CATS. Look at my little angels below!

Sleepy little kitty baby
A purrrfect specimen
Another sleepy kitty