November Update

Just as I was stocking up my closet on cozy sweaters and fall colors, snow appeared. I didn’t even have a PSL yet. Welcome to the sequel of Winter: Deidre watches Netflix (again)!

This past month was the end to a couple things: the end to four weekend road trips in a row (that was way too many) and the end of my print production class. I feel significantly less stressed out now. But I also did a lot of fun things this month! I attended my college’s homecoming, stayed at the coziest Airbnb ever, and was a ballerina for Halloween.

There’s actually no snow in this pic, but I promise it was there 24 hours earlier!

My favorite memory of the past month was the haunted house with my parents- for some reason this haunted house wasn’t particularly clear, and when we couldn’t figure out where to go, we went through a giant door (logically) that turned out to be the fire exit. Woops. A few people even followed us out! I didn’t even realize anything was amiss; things were roped off, and there was a run down truck. I just assumed it was part of the decor, but I was wrong.

For the upcoming year, I am going to dive into creating greeting cards! They are currently in the works, but I don’t want to rush it because I want them to be amazing. And they are all hand drawn, which means the process is a little slower, but I think in the end it will be a very high quality product that we all will love 🙂 fabric products are going to take a back seat for now; they are not quite as versatile as greeting cards. So if you’d like a pencil case or laptop sleeve, you should probably get one within the next few months!

Other fun things this month: I am getting caught up on my blog again, I am practicing yoga more (gotta fight off the winter blues!) and I found two new teas I like: decaf spice and chocolate truffle pu erh. I binge watched the new season of Great British Baking show and Queer Eye in Japan. Did you love it too or did you really love it?