New Stuff! Illustrations I’ve been working on

So if you’ve been following along, you know I’ve been taking an illustration class. It’s been a GAME CHANGER. Not necessarily in the drawing aspect, but in finding my style.

I thought Kawaii was my style- and it still kind of is, but I realized it’s actually somewhere in between. It’s like cartoony-realism. For this series, I challenged myself to make some pretend greeting cards to see how they would turn out (and maybe they will become real greeting cards soon!).

We used this layout a lot in class, and I found it very freeing. I don’t really like to draw backgrounds or environments, and I don’t really like making one object the focal point. I felt limited. Until I discovered this layout! Now I can draw all the things together.

This is when I discovered that I really like comforting things like cake, warm beverages, books, and cats (the last one was a given). It reminded me a lot of the things you would find in a cat cafe. Pretty everything I drew would be in a cat cafe, actually. So to sum up my style: cartoony cat cafe. Boom.

What do you think of these cards? Which is your favorite? Even if you don’t want to publicly comment, send me a message 🙂 it would help me immensely!