My Secret Fascination


I wouldn’t say I am a fan of ghosts, nor do I hope they exist. But anyone that knows me knows I have a thing about ghosts. One of my biggest fears is living in a haunted house with a malevolent ghost. Chill ghosts are fine though =^.^=

Like I said, I don’t want them to exist, but I also don’t want them not to exist. Life is a little more exciting with a few unknowns 🙂

I’m not sure where my fear/fascination with ghosts came from- but I do know I have a very active imagination. It may come as no surprise that I can’t stand scary movies. Somehow seeing it portrayed on a screen makes my brain be like “yah that’s totally real.”

For example, I was at a Halloween party where Poltergeist was playing silently in the background, and even without the sound or my full attention, I could NOT HANDLE IT. Totes had nightmares.

The first scary movie that I ‘watched’ (with a blanket over my head) was Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I didn’t watch another scary movie for two more years until I was invited to watch Paranormal Activity (which I was only okay with since the lights were on). Each of these movies was a traumatic experience, and now I’m always on the lookout for suspicious looking chicken feet.

Despite being on the lookout for things like demonic chicken footprints, I haven’t actually experienced any paranormal activities- I think. There was a house I lived in while I was in college that was maybe haunted, and where I maybe heard footsteps coming from upstairs while I was home alone (but could probably be explained as typical houses noises or squirrels in the walls??) just to be safe, I noped out of the college house without finishing my breakfast, and spent the hour before class in the library.

Other than that, my life has been relatively ghost-free, and though I am not convinced of their existence either way, I like to remain cautious. In honor of fall/Halloween, feel free to share any spooky stories of your own!