My Favorite Things cuz why not

Pictures are more fun right? So, from left —> right.

  1. Campy movies. I love The Room and Labyrinth for reasons I can’t quite explain. I have watched these movies more than anything else I have ever watched.
  2. Frogs are great. I caught them a lot when I was younger, and I’ll never forget the endless fun (or terror if you were a frog) we had every summer.
  3. Blackwarmetalgraymon. That’s quite the mouthful eh? One of the charming aspects of Digimon was how bizarre the evolutions and names were. I had a great time transforming this here toy from Agumon into Blackwarmetalgraymon and back again.
  4. A married couple from Japan. I got these from my host family when I went to Japan. They are so pretty! Even more meaningful now that I am married now.
  5. Love Letter: the best game ever. For those that have an aversion to romance for whatever reason, this game doesn’t really have anything mushy about it. Just a cutthroat trick taking game that is totally perfect. Easy to learn, fun to play endlessly.
  6. More movies! Who doesn’t love Miyazaki? Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service are my favorite. Also pictured: Gigi.
  7. Pokeball from Burger King. What a relic! I can’t believe the toys used to be so good! I got that for buying a burger??? Anyway, I’m still in disbelief. No mom, I never did outgrow Pokemon.
  8. Tarot cards from a rummage sale. Now I can live my childhood dream and be just like that girl from the anime Escaflowne.
  9. A card game no one has ever heard of (aka Warlord). I entered quite a few tournaments with this guy.

Take notes, because there will be a test on this later 😉

What are your favorite things?