My biggest purchase on Etsy

Yup, I purchased my engagement ring and both of our wedding bands on Etsy.

There are a ton of websites out there that sell rings, and I must have looked at at least 50 while searching for my forever ring. I scrolled through rings for hours, but everything just felt a little generic. I wanted something that looked vintage, and to make my search a little more difficult, I also wanted a ruby instead of a diamond. And that’s where Etsy came in, and why Etsy was totally perfect!

Our wedding bands – both from Etsy!

Why a ruby? It’s a play on my last name, and I have always loved red stones- my birthstone is a garnet. From Etsy, I got a custom gemstone, custom wedding band to match my engagement ring, and they were both significantly less than the $3000 jewelers online were charging. It was exactly what I wanted!

I also bought several things from Etsy for the wedding reception, such as decorative gold paper place mats which I used under the centerpieces (pictured in back, made with gold washi tape, Ikea candles, dollar store vases, and some hot glue). I didn’t have a cake topper per se- instead I got these cute cat figurines to put in front of the cake 🙂 they were gold and vintage, which matched the colors and theme of our wedding.

I also bought a gold vintage frame from Etsy for our Victorian themed engagement photos. So fun to dress up and do those old-timey photos!

Etsy really came through for my wedding in finding unique items that had a little more flair. Since becoming an Etsy seller, I am more inclined to also shop on Etsy. A lot of love goes into each item, and you know you make someone’s day! Also, they are usually happy to make something custom for you 🙂 I’ve done several custom orders myself!

What was your favorite purchase from Etsy?