More Than an Etsy Blog

Yes, I originally started this blog to go along with my Etsy store. Yes, I would love it if you bought something. But only if it brings you joy- after blogging for exactly a year now (say what??) this blog has evolved in a way that I did not expect, and has led me to realize what I really enjoy doing: a deeper kind of self reflection that is hard to come by. Other blogs will give you listicles, or scratch the surface of things like depression and purpose (while advertising their ebook).

To be frank, I lose money on this blog, but I have enjoyed it so much it’s worth it to me to continue paying for hosting and provide a nice, ad free experience for my friends and family 🙂 this blog is not about making money for me, it’s about sharing what I have learned over the course of probably the toughest year of my life. It has been a valuable experience for me and I hope it has for you all too- I have been touched by the friends and family who have reached out to me after reading my posts. I love hearing their thoughts, and it makes me feel even more connected to all of you 🙂

And I wouldn’t be a true KonMari-ite(?) if I just told you to buy my Etsy stuff. If my greeting cards bring you joy, definitely buy them, display them, gift them. I don’t want them to be bought out of guilt, only to sit on a dusty shelf. I’m not trying to shill my Etsy products in the guise of self-reflection, because as I hope you have realized, this blog has become more than that to me.

A greeting card allows us to get deeper than we often would in person. The words can be reread time and again, offering encouragement when you feel doubt. They can remind you of the happiest days of your life, or they can be irreplaceable reminders of people who have passed on.

I do not create products to ‘sell’. I create products because I enjoy doing it and it makes me happy. Greeting cards are a new venture for me and more meaningful to me than any other product I have created. I hope that comes through and I hope they provide value to you.

I didn’t feel like I could launch my new collection without explaining ‘why’. I have launched several collections in the past, but this has been the most time-consuming and personal. This is it. My thoughts, my blog, and my art. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Lots of love,