Monthly Update: September

Last week was intense! Let’s lighten things up and talk about my favorite city in Wisconsin 🙂 Madison!

Growing up in Wisconsin, everyone knew Madison was the coolest place you could go. It had the BEST school, the BEST restaurants, the BEST sports, and it was completely unlike the rest of Wisconsin. I went there a couple weeks ago, and now that I’m an adult and I live in a much larger city, Madison is… STILL CHARMING!

Look at that cute little Madison bee!

I was enchanted by it the first time I set foot on State Street as a 14 year old. There were so many new stores to explore (like Urban Outfitters- my favorite at the time) and people walking down the middle of the road. WALKING ON THE ROAD! I had never seen anything like it before. And I loved it.

Hi Bucky!

Now that I was back as an adult, I was excited to do things I couldn’t do as a when I was in high school, like go to the Farmer’s Market! The farmer’s market surrounds the capital and boasts scones for ‘sconnies (did I hear my name?) and warm cheesy bread. You’ll also find several people with megaphones talking about the end of the world and their least favorite politicians. The energy was invigorating.

If you go to Madison, my must do’s include:

The Terrace. It is the student union, but you don’t have to be a student to go there. There are people of all ages enjoying pitchers of beer on the famous colorful chairs.

The Great Dane. There are lots of good restaurants in Madison, but this one has a special place in my heart- I went to it with my family while visiting my brother. All their food is good. All the cocktails. All the beer. And at small city prices! You can also sit outside and be enchanted be fireflies while sipping your homemade soda.

Midtown Pub. I was only there once, but what an impression it made. Bowls of free and tasty chex mic were on every table, and they made the best and the cheapest [Wisconsin] Old Fashioned I’ve ever had.

C’s Restaurant and Bakery. Across from Midtown Pub, their breakfast food was cheap, amazing, and unpretentious. Get there early so you can get a table! Their homemade desserts were to die for.

Botanical Gardens. FREE, and expansive! When you first enter, you will not realize how expansive it is. But it just keeps GOING. And there are frogs in ponds. And unique flowers. and a beautiful Thai Pavilion!

How many frogs can you see?

What is your favorite city to visit? Have any recommendations?