Relax by Looking at This Relaxed Senior Cat

This is my foster cat, the 15 year old bronze cutie! (or bronze terror, depending on how often he wakes me up during the previous night)

Take a page from Skippy’s book: forget about all your worries and just pass out on a hard chair.

I have a trick question for you: were these all taken on the same day?

Look at the subtle changes in sleeping positions!

Look at his little paws covering his widdle face!

He really likes this really hard and uncomfortable chair.

Believe it or not, these are all different days! He’s just so cute I can’t help but photograph him every day. Also, what else do I have to do during quarantine? LOL

He sleeps about 90% of the time. However, he is wide awake between 4-6AM though, and loves to poke my face with his paw until I pet him.

Hope you’re all a little more relaxed now 🙂 feel free to share your cuties with me!