It’s back to school time! Give me your life hacks

It’s almost back to school time! So for fun, I thought I would write about my life hacks/principles that I live by. Feel free to share your life hacks in the comments as well!

Relationship Stuff

1. Say yes to plans more often that you say no. As an introvert, staying in and laying on the couch is my default preferred activity. It’s low stress and comfy. And that’s about it- there’s no excitement, no bonding, no memories to be made. In the moment, it may be preferable to do nothing over expending energy to do something, but usually you’ll feel a lot better getting out and about πŸ™‚ and you’ll look back with fewer regrets.

2. Make other people feel welcome. Survey the crowd, see if anyone looks uncomfortable, and say hi. You will 100% have a new introverted friend.

Money Stuff

I am frugal- I love the thrill of the hunt, the challenge in finding cheap deals and things to do. Here are some things I do to challenge myself:

1. Bike when you can. Is your workplace less than 10 miles away and not riddled with highways? Try biking! The library is only 2 miles away? Why not bike! You get exercise, a good mood, and save money on gas. Not to mention, you don’t have to fight for parking πŸ™‚

2. Cook like 80% of your meals. I wouldn’t say I enjoy cooking, but after years of cooking, I have become a semi decent chef unintentionally. It saves money and you build a skill!

3. Have lots of cheap hobbies. Instead of buying candles, I learned how to make them. And then I made soap. And bath bombs. You’ll have Christmas gifts for decades!

Necessary but not-so-fun Stuff

1. Do the dishes, or at least rinse them out before they get crusty. No one ever wants to them, might as well do them when they’re still easy to clean!

2. Get everything ready the night before. No more worrying that you’re forgetting something and no more running late! I have never not done this, so I have a hard time understanding why you wouldn’t- but also I understand that some people may prefer a more leisurely morning than my mad dash to get ready in 25 minutes. I love me some sleep.

3. Finally, be nice to yourself and free up some brain space by doing the things you are dreading most. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound by cure πŸ™‚ it make your life simpler and less stressful, leaving you more time to enjoy yourself with less worrying!

What are your life hacks or principles that you live by?