Kickstarter Time!

I’ve restructured and changed things up for my 2nd Kickstarter! The first goal of $200 will be used to fund the Warlock pin. Each subsequent pin requires another $200 to fund. Here’s what the line up looks like:

Each pin will be 1″ and made from soft enamel (which means they have slightly raised edges instead of completely flat, so it has kind of a cool texture!) and they will come with a butterfly clutch.

This little cutie is first on the roster!

Enamels pins are really cool, though expensive to make. It costs $200 to make a run of 50 pins, which is why I need your help! With pins, options for self expression abound and design options are pretty limitless 🙂 they are fun pieces of flair that are relatively cheap, other than the 50 pin minimum to start up. This is the cheapest these pins will ever be, and I hope you will consider helping out. You can do so here 🙂

Thank you so much!