Just for fun: Current Obsessions and Projects

Current Obsession: Nerds Ropes. Don’t ask me why. Actually do, and I’ll tell you: I saw them in a gas station near Denali and it reminded me of 7th grade dances which were a surprisingly happy time for me and that’s all it took for me to impulsively buy a box of 20 (that was the smallest amount I could buy :0) anyone want a Nerds Rope?

What I am eating: Other than Nerds Ropes, I thought I would try eating less sugar (haha) but really though. Since it would be impossible for me to cold turkey stop eating sugar, I am doing Whole 30 ‘lite’, or as I like to call it, Half 15. Most of my meals consist of meat, eggs, quinoa, and spinach ?

What I am currently working on: I am taking an illustration class, and I think it will really help me come up with some new creative stuff! I’ve been drawing cute things for so long, it might be good to get outside my usual style and explore something new 🙂

A peak at my first illustrations of Russian dolls. Some might whisper into your ear when you’re alone in your bed (it will probably be the 2nd doll ;))

I am also relaunching my cat enamel pin Kickstarter- watch for updates here!