How Operating a Business is like Dating

I get butterflies whenever I get a sale- and I’ve had about 200 butterflies. It reminds me a lot of dating: putting yourself out there and hoping they like you- or in this case, your product. There is nothing more rewarding when those feelings are reciprocated. But as we all know, sometimes you have to wait for a while before you land a good fish 🙂

Those moments of business are really enjoyable, but the majority of business feels more like endlessly checking Tinder: you don’t know who will be your next love interest, and you get slightly more desperate the longer it goes on. The biggest challenge is to keep going despite not knowing when you will find ‘the one’ (AKA find the customers that love your style). However, each time you push yourself a little farther, you uncover something new. You learn how to make better designs. You learn how to connect with your customers. And you learn how to believe in yourself (even if it’s out of necessity :))

Business and Dating toolkit: a life vest, also known as believing in yourself. OG Deidre knew life vests were necessary.