Coping Amidst COVID

Things are weird, we can all agree on that right? I had to keep rewriting this post because thing change every day.

It’s taken pretty much all of my mental energy to not despair. I still have money, food, and a place to live, so everything is pretty much okay.

The stressful part is no one knows what’s going to happen next; all rules have been thrown out the window, new information surfaces constantly and things have been changing every 24 hours. It’s a lot to deal with!

In one week I’ve gone from coming back from vacation to having half my workplace let go, including my best friend at work. I’ve been grieving for her and the sudden loss of our daily contact. There was no warning, no goodbye party, no last hugs. The hardest thing for me has been coping with the loss of routine and rituals that I took for granted. Even ‘sure’ things, like a friend’s wedding and the Olympics, have been cancelled.

Amidst all this, what’s keeping me together is yoga and trusting that everything will be okay. It might end up being a very loose definition of ‘okay’, and things might not be the same as they once were, but we will find a way to survive. I trust in the universe because of all the the displays of goodness I’ve seen over the last week.

A sewing shop around where I live was offering supplies to create face masks for nurses, and the line for supplies went for THREE blocks! And after our animal shelter announced it would be closing all but one of its locations, people lined up to adopt the remaining animals, and over 300 (nearly all!) of the animals found a home.

And for right now, I got this old guy to take care of:

I am fostering him while the shelters are closed, but I think I need him more than he needs me right now! He’s very purry and affectionate and a good distraction.

Things look bad right now, but what gives me hope is all the people stepping up to the plate and helping their neighbors.

Staying inside isn’t exactly what I was expecting to do this spring or summer, but it’s an opportunity to connect with friends in a different way, work on my art, and get creative with what I do have.

How are you coping and taking care of yourself?