10 Things I Learned From Doing Yoga Every Day

Lately I’ve been a big fan of 30 day challenges- it all started in January when I did Sugar Free January and 30 Days of Yoga (I couldn’t pick just one, so I ended up doing both). I have wanted to blog about it since I started my challenges, but couldn’t figure out the right format- until now!

Committing to 30 days was incredibly attainable. Since I have ALL OF THE hobbies (meaning I frequently stretch myself too thin), I gave myself permission to put other interests on hold while I delved deeply into just one topic per month. I found that since I’m not switching gears so often, I was getting better results and making more discoveries quicker.

Without further ado, every week for the next month will feature 10 things I’ve learned from a certain topic 🙂

10 Things I learned from doing yoga for 30 days:

  1. Your body is different every day- Yoga with Adriene frequently mentions this. Appreciate the days when your body is like an olympic athlete, and laugh at the days when your engine is stalling.
  2. Meet yourself where you’re at. Instead of being frustrated with your performance, accept that today is a little different and that’s okay. Be patient and forgive yourself.
  3. Focus on your breath. If you tune into your breath and just focus on breathing, everything seems much better.
  4. Play. Sometimes you fall when you do a yoga pose, and that’s okay. Just have a giggle and get back up.
  5. Your body is always being supported by the earth, which I find kind of comforting. The earth is always there for you.
  6. Let go of everything that has happened in the day, and ‘wring’ yourself out like a sponge with a good stretch. You’ll feel much better.
  7. Listen to yourself, the answer you need is inside you.
  8. Give thanks to your body and what it can do. To quote Neutral Milk Hotel, “how strange it is to be anything at all”
  9. Give yourself time to warm up and grow. There’s a reason yoga starts with gentle stretches, you don’t have to accelerate too fast.
  10. Even if you can’t do a pose right away, with dedicated practice (AKA doing it for 30 days in a row) anything is possible.